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Ellensburg just wouldn’t be Ellensburg if it wasn’t offering vast stretches of natural beauty, and you’d be remiss as a
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Are you in good shape?  Are you in great shape?  If you’d like to try your own limits, you’ll want
Labor Day weekend in Ellensburg is always sure to bring in the crowds for the annual rodeo, and all the
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Join us on May 19th, Saturday, for Flea Market Sales! Call us for More information.
Every Labor Day weekend, many guests call our Ellensburg RV park and hotel home during the legendary Ellensburg Rodeo. This
The annual Ellensburg Wine Festival, held each May near our Ellensburg RV park, is one of Washington wine country’s most
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Just a couple miles away from the Days Inn Ellensburg RV park, the Ellensburg Rodeo Posse conducts two youth horse
Located near the Days Inn hotel and Ellensburg RV park, is the popular Kittitas County farmers’ market. The market, which

Yakima River

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Ellensburg just wouldn’t be Ellensburg if it wasn’t offering vast stretches of natural beauty, and you’d be remiss as a tourist if you came to our Ellensburg hotel with no plans to take in some of our more untamed sights. Significant among these is the Yakima River.

This river is one of Washington’s most important rivers, providing irrigation to the agricultural industry of Yakima Valley. It takes its name from the native Yakama tribe, who lived amid its rugged western charm for centuries. Fans of the outdoors are sure to want to devote at least a day to the scenic wonders of the area.

In addition to sightseeing, the Yakima river provides opportunities for many other outdoor activities. It’s a popular destination for fly-fishing, hiking, rafting, and kayaking, particularly during its peak flow months between late spring and early summer. If you’re looking to take a raft through some stunning wilderness, your best bet is the Yakima River Canyon near Ellensburg. So stop on by the Days Inn when the weather starts getting warm, and bring your river gear!

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